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You might not ought to cajole a member of family to pick you up from the airport this holiday season. On Friday, CNBC's David Faber reported that activist hedge fund Value - Act sold its stake in the organization in Q4. On a current visit to Las Vegas, someone accessed our American Express prepaid an atm card and withdrew $300 from every one of them with an automatic teller machine. The menu for your lounge will change four times per year, he added. American Express kept sending bills but got no response. Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson said something virtually identical on his April 8 blog. Plus, since Visa cards are far more numerous than Am - Ex plastic, the retailer has access to a much larger number of cardholders. The event was for card members but it is possible to still watch so what happened when a special feature recapping american express login credit card Express Teamed Up airs on ESPN Sports - Center on Friday, June 10 after Game 4 in the NBA Finals.