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A PST file, known as the Office Outlook Personal Folders File in Microsoft Outlook 2007, stores all in the personal data associated with. If you've not used Microsoft's Outlook calendar before, you happen to be missing out over a great tool. You will use Outlook's Tasks feature to follow a selected job until. outlook sign in can be a program for sending and receiving emails. Google Android smartphones use Google services for basic information management. Most of us do certainly one of two things if it comes to emails we've read: We delete them or we archive them. Click the Categories button at the bottom in the box. Choose “Work Online” from your drop-down menu. You may have been utilizing your Yahoo email account for years, or just months, and it's also the email all of. Drag and drop the highlighted icons over on your primary calendar, beneath the "My Calendars" heading, to mix the content of both calendars.